danni_ann (danni_ann) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovulation pain? Maybe? Not sure...

For the past three months I've been getting really sharp pain mid-way through my cycle, during what I would guess is ovulation. The pain usually runs a course of three days, with the second day being the worse and the first and third just feeling tender.  It feels about halfway between my vulva and my belly button (why does using that word always make me feel silly?), deep inside, and can become quite painful. I asked my ob about it a couple of weeks ago at my yearly, and she recommended avoiding deep penetration during ovulation, as that can make my cervix angry, with can cause cramps. I do have the Mirena IUD, and doc said it looks just fine. I have had two pregnancies, my first birth was vaginal and the most recent a cesarean.
So...no sex for a few days now, and still pain so sharp that I was wincing while walking around the grocery store. I'm fairly sure its not a UTI, peeing doesn't hurt, although it is a bit uncomfortable to have a full bladder; the pressure makes it hurt more.  My pap from two weeks ago came back normal.
I'm a bit worried about this now. I always play it down once its gone, and then the next month am ready to run (limp) into the urgent care when it starts back up.
Any ideas? Anyone else get this?
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