Shannon Ashley (socksandaphone) wrote in vaginapagina,
Shannon Ashley

tampon lost for a month & late peroid

So my period usually starts on Tuesday/Wednesday of my placebo pill week. It hasn't come yet and I have had to pee a lot and my appetite has gone down a lot (I'm usually alwayssssss hungry and always finishing my meal and then other people's), so I am worried about being pregnant. It's pretty always on time and it being late Wednesday night with none of the regular signs I'm really worried. Before I got into the shower, I stuck my finger up my vagina to see if there would be blood on it in some last ditch effort to have some hope. Instead I felt something very mushy. After a couple more tries I pulled a tampon out. Seriously, the last time I had my period was exactly a month ago. I noticed a really bad smell like 2 weeks ago but couldn't figure it out - but it all makes sense now. I had really bad lower abdomen pain on Sunday night, but it went away with in a half an hour. I guess that's attributed to the missing tampon too. Now that I pulled it out I'm having really bad cramps. What I guess I'm asking is, because a tampon was stuck up there for so long could it of had an affect on my period? This is a pretty weird situation, I know. I can't believe I forgot about a tampon for that long.
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