A (lacepearl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Brown Discharge?

I'm 18 years old and the last time I got my period was on Oct 11 and it lasted til Oct 18. I had protected sex on Oct 15 & 16.

About 2 weeks after my period ended -  on Oct 29 I noticed reddish brown spotting and used a liner. It lasted for about 5 days (was very light on the last 2 days), but I thought it was strange because I never get brown discharge 2 weeks after my period. I'm used to seeing it when my period is about to come and/or a few days after. I don't remember experiencing any stomach pains or cramps. I was going to post about it here back then but when it stopped, I didn't give it too much thought anymore.

My period is late this month, but I have been very stressed out so I believe it's due to that. My cycles are a bit longer, like 33 days.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and a possible explanation for it?
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