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Ok, I normally don't do this and I'm all for going to the doctor, but currently I'm in the US with no insurance and it'll be another week before I end up in a country where I can more or less visit a doctor, so I'm giving this a shot.

A bit of background info..

So about a month and a half ago I had a really bad YI. All the works - smell, itching, burning urination, so there was no doubt about it. I treated it with CVS's Monistat clone, didn't work, tried a different active ingredient, everything went away. In total I must have spent about 2 weeks in agonizing hell.

Towards the end of this ordeal I noticed a strange feeling in my lower right abdomen. Not pain, but a sort of pressure. It annoyed me, but went away and I spent a couple of weeks in total worry-free bliss.

The past couple of days the feeling's returned :( Also, I'm having strange peeing sensations too. Sometimes it'll feel like a UTI, then other times it'll be totally fine. A bit of itching, but honestly, more vaginal discomfort then full-blown itching.

What could it be? I'm thinking maybe an ovarian cyst? I've had tons of UTI's in the past and they have definitely been a lot more persistent then this, not getting treatment was impossible, whereas the past couple of days have just been annoying, that's all..

any ideas?

Big thanks in advance <3

Also, it won't let me tag! Blaaargh!
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