_paganprincess (_paganprincess) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex after Pregnancy is painful!

Im really starting to think somthing is WRONG with me.. Im 8 months post partum and everytime me and my husband attempt to have sex it hurts. It hurts when he penetrates acouple of inches( i was always under the understanding that you only have nerves in the bottum 2 inches of your vagina so im confused!) Its really hard to describe it feels like burning/stinging and just that I cant let him go any further becase it hurts to much.

It also stings and hurts to use lube?? I have no idea why...

has anyone had this? know what it is? any advice/ideas

some background:

1st baby
vaginal delivery
i had a 2nd degree rip/no epi. and lots of stitches which i thought healed well I had no pain.
I exclusivly breastfeed my infant.

Thanks in advance for any comments!
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