thenuddpants (thenuddpants) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sea Sponge Tampons


I've been using Sea Sponge tampons for years now, but have pretty much not needed them at all for the last year or so due to extremely light periods with my Mirena IUD. The last time I used them for non-messy period sex my ex and I were using condoms. I no longer use condoms with my current sex partner... and am wondering if the Sea Sponge tampons + semen + blood would make for a gross mess, or if it isn't any worse then the sponges are regularly (which I think isn't bad at all). My only concerns would be that semen would be more difficult to wash out of the sponges.

Any tips/suggestions? Alternatives to the sponges for period sex?

I used Insteads prior to my IUD but they are no longer an option due to the IUD. My period hasn't been heavy enough to use menstrual products in ~1.5 years, but this period is heavier than lately and def needs something (took me 2 pairs or underwear to figure that out... lol)
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