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Weakness, lightheadedness during period

So I know this isn't uncommon, but I get super lightheaded and just... weak feeling all over when I get my period. It's kind of scaring me since I'm afraid I'm going to fall down the stairs. I make sure I eat three meals a day and try to get some stuff with iron in it, and I drink a lot of water and stand up slowly but it doesn't seem to help. I just feel like all the blood is draining out of my body.

I'm also one of those people who gets woozy at the sight of blood. :/ And I have low blood pressure normally so it's like the perfect storm of 'oh dear I think I am actually bleeding to death'.

I guess my questions are-

A) What can I do to help manage the light-headedness and weak feeling?

B) I know period blood is the lining and stuff, but is it also actual blood? Like, does losing period blood effect you like losing blood through a wound would? I don't know how to ask this the right way... I doubt anyone has ever 'bled to death' via menstruation or w/e but when I'm on the verge of fainting half the time I just start getting these paranoid anxious thoughts about how much red stuff is exiting my body and how I normally need all that red stuff in order to live.

D: Thoughts? I get kind of anxious about this.
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