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Hello everyone: I'm new to this community but have been posting on the IUD divas community since getting a Paragard IUD in June. Overall I seem to be one big bundle of reproductive problems, and this weekend I've reached my breaking point in terms of tolerating them. Tomorrow I'm making an appointment to see my MD and hopefully get referred to an OBGYN. I just want some advice on questions to ask when I go.

Brief History:
I am 23yrs old, nulliparous, and monogamous. Both of us are STD free and very happy with our physical relationship. I had my 1st period when I was 11 years old, followed by a few years of heavy, painful, irregular periods. Sometimes they would come every other month, sometimes twice a month. By the time I was 16, they were becoming infrequent, and by the time I was 18, they were gone altogether. I had one or two episodes of spotting between 18 and 21. I was exercising a lot and stressed out with college, so an OBGYN took some hormone levels which showed low estrogen/progesterone and high androgens. She gave me a course of progesterone and, after I had a day or two of withdrawl bleeding, put me on Yasmin.
I stayed on Yasmin until I was 23 and learned that my family has a history of blood clots. I went off the pill in May and had the Paragard inserted in June.

The Problem (s):
Since having the IUD inserted (during my first off-the-pill period), I have been spotting, spotting, spotting. Sometimes it is heavier, but most days I go through about 2 "light days" pads. There have been a few times where the flow increased for several days (enough to use 2-3 regular tampons/day) and afterward I had 3-5 days without spotting, but it always starts up again. In September I got frustrated and went to my MD - she put me on a course of Prometrium to induce a full withdrawal bleed and hopefully hit "reset" on my cycle. Unfortunately, I had an adverse reaction to that and ended up in the emergency room thinking I had a blood clot (dizziness, slurred speech, altered mentation, poor coordination), so I did not complete the full course, but I did have about 3 weeks after that where I did not bleed.
Overall I have not had the heavy flow or bad cramps that people talk about with Paragard, but I do get intense, pinpoint pain periodically over where I think my left ovary is. This is about 6-7/10 pain and I try to manage it with heat, ibuprofen, and decreased activity.

This Weekend:
Friday I randomly stopped bleeding. That night I had VERY sharp, BAD pain in my abdomen, just below where my sternum/breastbone ends. It was not a strained muscle and didn't feel better or worse if I changed position. It came on before dinner and increased to about 7-8/10 pain, staying for 2(ish) hours. The doctor on call said it could be a gallstone or gastritis, and to try to take some Tums - come in to the ER if that doesn't help. Of course, right after I got off the phone with her, the pain decreased. I took some Tums after that and it didn't come back. Then today I had the mother of all cramps over that region of the left ovary (?). It started at 9am and went until 2pm. I would rate it at 7/10 pain and nothing seemed to make it better (changing position, taking ibuprofen, using heat, drinking tea). It was bad enough that it sent my back muscles into spasm. It didn't feel the same as the pain I had on Friday, but could they be related? I'm still not bleeding (don't know if that's a good thing or not!)

What do you think the odds are that I have problems with gallstones? With PCOS (I am very height weight proportionate)? Are there other things I should ask my MD about? I'm sick of dealing with these issues and I DON'T think they are IUD related. Since the Paragard is in place and does not have any hormones, I think this is just my body doing its own thing. Ugh.
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