redsredux (redsredux) wrote in vaginapagina,

unresponsive clitoris during sex?

Hi all,

My husband and I are relatively new to the sex bit. We were virgins when we met, and although we had sex occasionally when we were dating, for the last 6 months of our engagement we were celibate. During the time when we were having sex it was enjoyable for both of us; I have never orgasmed during PIV, but I found it satisfying anyway. 

Now that we're post wedding and having sex again -- although, I will admit, not very often -- I'm having a really hard time enjoying it. I mean, the penetration does feel good when I'm fully aroused (important, since hubby hasn't quite grasped the concept of foreplay, urgh), but I'd like to try manual stimulation of my clit to try and bring myself closer to orgasm. Or, frankly, just to enjoy the sensation.

The problem is that regardless of how aroused or unaroused I am before we begin sexing, once he's in me my clit becomes completely non-responsive. I feel like the whole area around my vagina is soooo stretched, the tissue itself, and most of the vulval (made up word, horray!) area too. Including my clit, which instead of being a lovely bulb of nerves and awesome, suddenly just feels like regular tissue.

I'm frustrated and disappointed by this, because, obviously, I'd really like to enjoy PIV more. Do you think it's a "we're still newbies" thing (although it was like this before, too) or something else? I'm sort of at a loss as to how to improve this. 
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