luluah (luluah) wrote in vaginapagina,

Before I call the doctor *again*

Hello, my lovelies!
So.. the dreaded "infection". I has a scared it might have returned. The past couple of days I have had a very slight itching around my clitoris along with a dull pain "up there" and this morning after I showered I cleaned a couple of fingers and prodded around only to pull them out and find a thick snot-like discharge - it was comparable to someone blowing their nose after they have been in a hot shower for a little while. The discharge was in a thick strand and it draped over my finger tips. When I smelled my fingers, they had a slight onion-y scent, along with something else. Unfortunately, I am not in-tuned with my cervix to know which discharges are normal and which are not (this is something I'm looking very much into, does anyone have any idea where I can start? A mirror? What about a speculum? Where do I get one of those?) and so I am afraid the infection might have returned. I started my period on the second of this month and finished Monday, the 8th. I've not had sex since the middle of August, although I will next week when I see my boyfriend for a weekend and I don't want to have an infection when it's time for lovin'! Should I call my doctor to get a three day teraconazole or is this perfectly normal?
Thanks, vagpagers!
Edit: I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that for the past 4 days I've been coughing and feeling icky from a cold. Would this have anything to do with it?
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