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BV? Yeast? Hemmorhoids?

So, lately I was diagnosed with hemmorhoids which I know can cause painful sex, but I don't know what the real culprit is of my issue.
For the last 4-5 months, sex has begun to hurt on entry. It's not a sharp pain, it's a strong pressure that hurts. It goes away with time, but I'm also not as "wet" as I used to be, so sometimes it comes back.

I have been having more discharge, but I have large amounts anyway, and I can't really connect that to the painful sex since it has been a continuous issue and the pain is a bit more recent.

I do not have any itching, strange smell (other than the beautiful vaginal scents made by nature), or color. It is usually clear/white but that's been my color all along. There have been one or two instances where I had a small discolored (yellowish) amount, but honestly, not even bigger than my pinky.

I called my gyn about 5 months ago when it began, and she ran ultrasounds and refused to see me until she got the results. Everything was fine, and she never asked to have me come in. I even called and explained it wasn't a feeling that would show up on a transvaginal ultrasound, but she refused to see me.

I am going to call again Monday to have her check me out and just ease my mind by telling me all infections are negative. It takes forever and a day to get into her office, so hopefully they can fit me in somewhere...

Anyway, my final question is, if painful sex is my only symptom, would you credit it to hemorrhoids? Has anyone experienced them before along with the sex issue?

I'm nervous :( TIA

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