Villagetheatre (villagetheatre) wrote in vaginapagina,

it's that time of year again! - testing time.

it's been almost a year since i was last tested - and i freaked out enormously even though i'd never done anything unsafe (maybe you remember my posts, for both of our sakes, i hope not!).

so i'm thinking about becoming physical with a new boy and he's equally as neurotic as i am about stds! he insists that i get tested (and him too, i'm assuming) so we can both see paperwork on each other before something happens. i have to live on xanax the week before and after the test. so what'd you guys think my chances of having anything are based on the fact that: i slept with that boy that i was dating last winter once right after i was tested (with protection, no head was given but he went down on me), then in september i slept with a friend of mine (with protection - no head was given, but he went down on me), and i slept with that douche that i just stopped dating once (with protection, i went down on him, but he didn't go down on me).

so what are my chances? because my activities have been limited this year, i'm a little less nervous to get tested again but i'm still nervous...

thanks! :)
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