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painful intercourse and general frustration


I am really really really frustrated with all the vagina-related issues I've been having.

A bit over a year ago, I had my first IUD insertion and started having intercourse.  It hurt a lot (despite the fact that I'd been sexually active for years, which surpised me).  I kept doing it, but very rarely (maybe 2 times a month), and still managed to get to get pregnant a few months later.

So I had an abortion.  And another IUD insertion.  And a million yeast infections (after never having any my whole life, thanks Mirena).  All of this was accompanied by more doctors' visits than I'd ever had (I didn't have a family doctor growing up).

Now, a year after first having intercourse, it's still very painful.  There seems to be two types of pain.  Sometimes, there is some sort of stinging pain, like the lube (or something else) is burning.  But the biggest problem is that every single time it feels as though there simply isn't enough room for a penis to fit and it hurts.  My hymen is long broken so that's not a problem, and I've never had problems with tampons, menstrual cups, fingers, or small vibrators.

I've tried all the usual pain advice: more lube (but that's difficult because all lubes seem to cause me yeast infections), more foreplay, relax relax relax.  Nothing seems to help.

1. Should I go to the doctor?  I'm worried that they'll either tell me "just relax" or just give me a bunch of drugs, which I do not want to take.  I'm also sort of thinking that maybe what I need is less medical intervention, not more.  It's very unusual for me to see doctors as often as I've been doing and I'm not fully comfortable with it.

2. If I don't want medication, is there any point in going to the doctor?  What else could they do?

Thanks so much!
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