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Postpartum Period and Paragaurd IUD

So I'm now 4.5 months postpartum. My lochia lasted for about 2 weeks of serious bleeding, 2 weeks of medium to medium light bleeding, and then maybe a week of spotting. I am breastfeeding, and we were just thinking about introducing solids, but he isn't on any yet.
At seven weeks postpartum, I had a Paragaurd inserted. There was about two days of bleeding from that, maybe another day of spotting, and that's been about it.
I started my first period about three days ago, although I've had a day here and there of spotting, no biggie. At first it started so slowly that I didn't think anything of it, but then starting yesterday things certainly picked up, and now today I've already bleed through a regular absorbency tampon in 3 hours.
This is very unusual for me! Previously I had periods of 3-4 days, and two of those days a regular strength tampon would easily last me 8 hours, the other two days, lights would suit me fine. The strangest thing, though? No pain. Like, none.
Oh, and my blood is pretty bright red and not at all clotty. Before it was always more of a brownish red and a little clotty.
I mean, other than the stained underwear, I'm NOT complaining! Especially all the horror stories one hears about how bad the first postpartum period, compounded with how people say the Paragaurd can make periods more painful, etc.
Also, I was kind of thinking the other day, and supposedly it takes an IUD around 6 months to "settle". Until then, periods can be crazy, there can be spotting, etc. Am I getting a bit of a reprieve from this because I had one inserted postpartum? As in, things are already crazy and not cycling normally, so the IUD isn't really messing with anything that isn't already messed up?
So, ugh... is this normal? For those that have had a kid and breastfeed, what was your experience? How about those that have a Paragaurd?
I guess I just want reassurance that I'm normal! :->
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