Purple Solle (purple_solle) wrote in vaginapagina,
Purple Solle

Homemade bra alternative!

Hi everyone,

Not really vagina related, but I just wanted to share this with the community...

For as long as I can remember, I've disliked bras. I've been fitted (recently) at a 70cm band size, ideally a European (Dutch, to be exact) 75B. But even 85 just feels much too tight for me. Needless to say, finding a cup size to go with that has been a disaster as well.

I usually wear tank tops as underwear, but I was still looking for a way to hide my nipples and to make sure they're not visible through my clothes. I finally found a solution: last night I took some of my old bras, cut out the cups, and (loosely) attached them to the insides of my tanktops. I had to make sure that the thread wouldn't cut right through the foam (which does tend to happen), but even with my very basic sewing abilities, that was easily avoided. Basically, I ended up with homemade bra-top camisoles, without any underwire or tightness. They're the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. And they look gorgeous.

I'm still wondering if I'll be able to put them in the dryer, but that's pretty much the only thing about them I'm worried about right now. Everything else is just perfect.

Just thought I'd share this solution with everyone who dislikes the tightness of bras and bra-top camisoles, but still wants to hide their nipples. :)
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