okamikaze (okamikaze) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed Pill/ Stacking

Hi all!

I have two questions:

One- I just realized I missed taking my pill (Junel Fe) yesterday. I usually take it at 11pm, it's now 6 pm the next day. I took yesterday's pill, and I will make sure I take today's on time. I did everything correct, yes? 

Two: I also just realized that I will be on my off week, the week I have Thanksgiving break during which I will be staying at the boyfriend's house. Obviously I would rather not be bleeding. I've never stacked my pills. Are there any side-effects I should know about? What can I expect? I know that sometimes I start breakthrough bleeding a day or two before my iron pills start, will continuing taking the active pills make that end faster? 

Thank you!

ETA: So, I just took today's pill an hour late as well. Also, I noticed that I'm starting to spot. Should I just stop taking my pills, and have my 'off' week now, and then start the new pack/finish this one off when that's done? Ahhhhhhh! Please help!
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