bethany_109 (bethany_109) wrote in vaginapagina,

Girl-On-Top Shouldn't Be Boring...

Thanks, everyone, for your advice last time about my husband's ED problem. I 'm coming to accept it better, and it hasn't been a problem lately (knock on wood).
Now I can move on to specific sex questions, 'cause goodness knows we have a lot to learn!
So, my friends all say they like girl-on-top positions because they stimulate the clitoris. This doesn't work for me! 
I think I have a bad clit. It's small, hard to find, and gets that sandpaper sensation when touched, even during oral!
No matter what position we try, I can't seem to get a good grinding sensation. It feels like there's nothing to grind against.
Even if he puts his hand there, I can't get the right amount of pressure to feel stimulating. Any advice?
Sorry there's so much complaining! I do like sex, but I would really like to have an orgasm someday...
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