jbyrdski (jbyrdski) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird Vagina Pain

I've been experiencing a really odd, achy/throbbing pain lately. I can't quite pinpoint where it is; sometimes it feels like it's a really specific spot on the right wall of my vagina, a little way in, sometimes it feels like the whole right wall of my vagina is aching, and sometimes I think it might actually be the right side of my cervix that hurts. I've tried exploring to see if I can locate the pain, but it doesn't hurt all the time, only when I'm turned on. It hurts most at first penetration, but it starts throbbing a little as soon as I start making out with my man, and continues aching until I calm down after sex. It's really weird.

It's not an unbearable pain, and sex is still enjoyable, but it makes me nervous. Could it be an indicator of something serious? Or could I be hurting myself by ignoring the pain?

*My partner and I have been monogamous since our last check ups, so I'm not really concerned about STIs
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