sarah (herminia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unusually mild PMS.

Is it normal to have a regular set of PMS symptoms for months and then barely at all the next? I’m expecting my period in a few days… Typically, PMS for me starts anywhere from one to two weeks before my period. I usually have incredibly sore breasts for two days and then mildly sore breasts, and usually one day where I’m a little tear-prone. This month, I’ve had the mildest PMS symptoms – barely PMS at all. Being kind of batty about extremely unlikely pregnancies (yes, I do this…), I’m a little concerned… I’ve only had sex once this month due to insane schedules and it was several (4-5) days AFTER ovulation and it was protected in any case, so I’m guessing it’s probably just my body being an imperfect machine… just wondering if anyone else experiences major fluctuations in PMS symptoms/onset from month to month.
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