underdog on top (underdog_ontop) wrote in vaginapagina,
underdog on top

starting new pack of BC early?

Hello all,

I'm currently taking Gianvi (yaz generic) and was wondering if taking 3 placebos instead of the usual 4 would cause any especial breakthrough bleeding/spotting? I've skipped the placebos entirely only twice before. the first time was after I'd been taking yaz for a couple of months and that resulted in brown spotting the majority of the month. the second time was after I restarted taking BC and had only been taking it a month prior, the month before I started taking BC I skipped my period but decided to start the pack anyway; this resulted in a month of bleeding :|. so my question is basically...what I asked in the first sentence lol. Or is it really a situation of try and see what happens?
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