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Alesse Allergy?

I started Alesse (or a generic version) on Saturday and just the following morning I started being itchy but no marks. I woke up this morning and I have a rash on my legs, arms, face and hands. It's not bad yet but it's spreading more.

It started with my right underarm at first then has been spreading across my chest (in a pimply rash)then down my right arm in random places in a flat red rash and one lone little circle of of a rash thing on my left hand. It's on both knees (flat red rash) and both ankles (flat red rash).

It kind of reminds me of a penicillin rash but I am not on any medications or anything besides Alesse. No new foods, perfumes, or anything.

I am seeing my doctor on Thursday but this rash has me puzzled. I never knew one could have an allergic reaction to Alesse..? Could I?


Thanks for any help.
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