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THese are not my monkeys… this is not my circus…

Heay Periods

I spent 2 days in the hospital this week and almost died from menstrual anemia, I was transfused with blood among other things. aside from the blood loss very low red cell counts can lead to heart attacks . While I have a lot of knowledge of womens health issues I didnt know about this

(just for the record  im 45 and have had heavy periods for 6-7 years)

So if you have Heavy Periods here are some parameters  the obgyns talked to  me about

  • One box of 40 tampons should last a full period (you may need different sizes but a box a month is standard) if you are going though much  more than this talk to your doctor.
  • 4-7 days of period is normal  if you have more regularly talk to your doctor
  • if you have a heavy menstrual cycle for more than 4 cycles talk to your doctor
  • if your period gets heavy for no reason all of a sudden talk to your doctor
  • your cycle should be regular it may be 24-32 days long but if you cant really tell month to month when its going to be, talk to your doctor.
  • if your having clots bigger than your fingernail talk to your doctor
  • If you go though more than 3 super tampons or pads in an hour go to the ER
  • if you go though 2 or more super tampons or pads for 3 hours go to the ER (I mean 6 total)
Many women as they age or gain weight start getting heavier periods for different reasons but do talk to your doctor and also get a hemoglobin test to check for anemia and for a base line.

If you get heavy bleeding, but arnt at the levels I talked about, see about taking an iron supplement and a bcomplex supplement, the b helps you absorb the iron. And drink plenty of fluid as a bit of insurance. But yup talk to your doc.
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