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Side Effects from HBC with Implanon?

 Hello! This is my first post here (or on livejournal!), although I've been following posts for awhile.  My name is Julia, I am 20 and NP, and in a relationship.  I'm sorry ahead of time is this post is long, but I want to give some background information so everything makes sense.

I went on HBC pill in June 2008 and went off in April 2010 (Alesse for a year and the Levora).  I had no bad effects from the pill, I just wanted a long-term birth control that I didn't have to worry about.  During May, I was on the Nuvaring while deciding if I wanted the Implanon or an IUD, just to try it out.  In early June, I got an Implanon from Planned Parenthood.

Since then, I have had almost nonstop spotting.  I went back to PPH two weeks ago to discuss this, and we decided that I should try going back on HBC for two months with the Implanon and see if that stops the bleeding.  On October 31st (1 week ago), I went back onto Alesse.  The next day, I started having awful headaches.  I have had them ever since-- they last almost all day, and I have some sensitivity to sounds.  No light sensitivity though.  Two days ago, I started having awful mood swings.  I have a history of depression and anxiety, and am medicated for it.  But these are extreme mood swings, and change almost by the hour. Here are my two questions.

1.  Could I be having symptoms from HBC this quickly?  It was less than 24 hours after my first pill that I started having headaches, and around 5 days later that the mood swings started.

2.  Is it possible to have symptoms like this from the pill when I had none before?  I was on Alesse for almost a year, and I had no negative symptoms like this.  Maybe the combination of HBC and Implanon is a big enough difference.

3.  If these symptoms are related, should I go off of the HBC?  I'm thinking that I should give it more time to level out, but the extreme unhappiness that goes along with the mood swings makes me wonder.

I'm going to my doctor for a physical on Wednesday, but would love to hear some of your opinions.
Thank you so much for any advice!!
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