... (hellocallie) wrote in vaginapagina,

new to the community

  i had my laparoscopy/d+c/dye study/and leep procedure the 28th.

everything has healed well, with the exception of a rash i got from the stupid steri strips (allergic to adhesive)

my take home paperwork said to wait a week for intercourse. i'm a little worried that this was only for the laparoscopy.. and not the leep, as i've been having some pretty sizable discharge as of the past few days following intercourse.

its clear, no weird smell as some of the reading i've found states.

anyone have this procedure and have clear discharge following? i'm not in pain, no fever, but its kinda a ridiculous amount. i'm a bit worried and thought i'd get some opinions before i hassle my doctor again.

xposted to endometriosis.
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