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Vaginal Bleeding and Abdominal Pain


This is my first time posting on this lovely board with my own post - I've always just commented and read.

I had my last period October 21st and am not due to start my next until November 25th (I have long cycles). For the past week, I've been bleeding on and off throughout the day. Some days the blood is bright red and sometimes it's a brown ruddy color. It varies from just wiping and seeing it to actually wearing a pad and collecting a decent amount of blood. Sometimes I go for hours with no bleeding and then go potty and surprise! blood!

At work, I'll be running about and I'll feel a squishy feeling and the next time I go to the bathroom, there's a nice big glob of brown ruddy blood hanging out in my panties.

So..what's the deal? This has been accompanied by mild abdominal discomfort (although today it's almost mimicing period-like cramping) and some GI upset when eating. Today - after eating pork chops - my abdomen felt hard as a rock and bloated.

I usually do spot bleed for one day around the time of ovulation - but this has been an entire week and definitely more than just spotting.

I am not pregnant - two negative tests - and I haven't had sex since prior to October the 21st - so I'm fairly certain there...

Not on birth control. No medications.

I don't have an OBGYN - so I'm calling around to try to find a doctor tomorrow. :\ No pap smears in the past 4 years and I am sexually active - although monogamous.

I don't think it's my period again - because when I get my period - I usually have blood everytime I wipe - where as this comes and goes throughout the day.

Any thoughts?
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