ladiekatie (ladiekatie) wrote in vaginapagina,

progestin-only (mini pill)

hi there!

i have a question about progestin-only (mini-pill) birth control.

first a little history:

i have a very painful and emotional period. i have a change in mood as soon as i ovulate and it last until day three of my period. this leaves my very little room for feeling well.

because of this i am looking for a pill to stop ovulation and to help me feel better in general. i have taken other hbc that contained estrogen before and it turned me into a monster!

so what i'm learning is that a progetin-only might be a good solution to this.

the question:

does anyone recommend something different to me if what i am trying to do is 'even my self out'? (i just cant handle the emotional and physical effects of my period, its very stressful and hurts my relationships too)

absolutely any suggestions regarding this would be so appreciated!!!!!

thank you thank you thank you
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