sofriggencoolx (sofriggencoolx) wrote in vaginapagina,

I'm sure this has been asked 1838383 times before but I looked and couldn't find an answer to it.

I've been on the pill and I'm horrible at taking the pill at the same time everyday. I've set an alarm on my phone but no matter what time I set it for I'm either sleeping, working, etc and can't seem to find a convenient time. Over the past month I've attempted to take it at 9 every day but generally take it anywhere from 9 PM to 1 AM. The past week I've set my alarm for 11:30 and have been somewhat better at taking it (the range is usually just from 11:30 to 12). I haven't had sex without a condom yet on the pill because I'm too paranoid but... what are my chances of getting pregnant if I stop using a condom? and even though my pill has been varying only in half hour intervals this week, is it still a pretty big risk?
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