Kayla Jay (hey_kayla_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Jay

treating urinary tract infections from home

Has anyone here ever successfully treated a UTI from home?
I had one pop up on Sunday. I drank pretty much the Atlantic ocean and also a ton of cranberry juice, then on Monday I bought some extra strength cranberry supplements. I've been taking two in the morning and two before bed. Also this morning I drank half a cup of apple cider vinegar (several online sources called for a whole cup but good God, I never in my life have had to do something so foul, I spent the rest of my morning feeling like I had a flu) and two more cranberry tablets. Things certainly feel A LOT better, no more urgency, I feel like my whole bladder is being evacuated when I pee, no itchy burny feelings, etc. But I'm a terrible hypochondriac and everytime I feel something (or think I feel something, most likely) I get panicky and worry that my kidneys are gonna get infected and I'll end up getting hospitalized. I know the fact that I feel so much better is a good thing, but getting reassurance that it is possible to treat a UTI from home will make me feel better.
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