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Hormones? Infection? Or something else?

Hello again, ladies!
Once more I come to you with a question that's been gnawing at me for quite some time; well not me, exactly, but my tummy. Here's a bit of background. I had a vaginal infection since August and only recently have gotten it under control (?). During that time, I began to experience strange hunger sensations/jitters - even if I had consumed a meal an hour or two before. If I don't have anything to eat in 4 hours I suddenly feel *ravenous* and shaky and there's a strange tingly/pressure sensation in my chest followed with a great deal of anxiety and I would only feel better after I had eaten something substantial (such as something completely unhealthy from a fast food joint). When I first noticed this I was still suffering from the vaginal infection at the time and I was also close to ovulation. My doctor wrote a prescription of teraconazole (three vaginal suppositories) and I *believe* the infection cleared but a couple of weeks later, the hunger has returned! A week ago I douched with ACV and the next morning I noticed a coppery dime sized spot on my panties and when I inserted two fingers into my vagina I noticed there was a purple gummypaste on my finger tips. I sniffed the discharge and it smelled acrid. OH NO! I started my period on the 2nd and I am wondering if I am feeling this way because I'm almost 30 (I'm horny *all the time*, my breasts have grown half a cup size and are quite tender), the infection is back, or I have some sort of ulcer. I sometimes feel discomfort in my upper abdomen (in varying degrees) right under my xyphoid process. If someone can please give me some insight because my doctors are not listening to me and funds are pathetically low. :(
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