Easy, Lucky, Free (memoirsofsunny) wrote in vaginapagina,
Easy, Lucky, Free

Smelly Urethra Problem-- Frustrated

Hello, once again.

I come to you today for health advice regarding my urethra. For years I have had what I can only think to describe as a smelly urethra. I can't think of a smell to describe it as except as it's somewhat relatable to body odor when you have not applied deodorant. Almost a dirty smell. It is not from a lack of hygiene, I assure you. I shower daily. The smell started when I was around sixteen, and I am now nineteen. I didn't immediately panic, because I assumed it might just be because I wasn't washing myself enough down there when showering. Commence daily scrubbing of my genital area with very good-smelling body wash to mask the odor. The smell comes back after a 24 hour period. [Basically, if I did not shower that day and smelled my genitals that night they would smell again, even though I had showered the day before]. * I know the smell is from my urethra and not my vagina because of the handy-dandy finger smell test.

I started to suspect something might be wrong when I realized 'If something stinks down there, it's not right.', mostly thanks to this community and partly through my friends. My roommate said her boyfriend loves to eat her out because he said she 'tastes like water, so she must not have anything wrong down there.' .... I went to the gyno a few years ago and he prescribed me UTI meds. My smelliness immediately stopped. I was as fresh as a daisy down there and it felt wonderful. [Ah, another symptom I have is a persistent, almost drippy wet feeling down there. Not from my vagina, but from my urethra, if that makes any sense.] This stopped as well. It felt amazing to smell.... normal.....down there. Once I finished the meds though, the symptoms came right back. Smellyness, drippyness. I don't know why.

Fast forward to now, I am on UTI meds again. [I was seeing a normal doctor and told him my symptoms and he prescribed me ciprofloxacin.]
I am HOPING it just won't come back, but I am dreading that it will. I'm not sure what *it* is, but if it does come back, I'm going to a gyno again. I'm kind of afraid that their might be something terribly terribly wrong with me because I have literally NEVER heard of this happening to anyone. It's embarrassing and I'm too afraid to talk to my mom about it, and almost even afraid of talking to the gyno about it. I feel dirty and gross and unclean. I don't know what's wrong with me...... Can anyone offer any advice? 

[edit: I just found some interesting stuff on google. Apparently, I might just have more bad bacteria than good bacteria in that area, and I  can introduce more good bacteria by putting yogurt or milk on the area for 15 minutes. If this is true, what type of yogurt do I use? Or is this.....crazy?]
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