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Period symptoms

I am very confused about my period right now. It was due about 3 days ago and hasn't come. It runs up to 3 days early/late regularly. I can typically time my period to the second as I get horrible cramps as its working the blood out. (As in they will start and I have about 20 minutes to get to the bathroom before it exits. I will wipe a few times and nothing and then again and blood.)
So I got those cramps today and a tiny dot of red blood so I put a tampon in. After wiping again I noticed the blood was from my outer labia. I still had cramps for about 4 hours. My df and I were gonna have fun so I went to take the tampon out it literally had one little drop of dark brown at the very top and nothing since then. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative.
The bleeding or lack of is strange because I never spot first at all and it always comes as soon as the cramps hit. I had cramping like this when I was preggo with my angel boy but the test came out right away.

What could possibly be wrong?
Also my clitoral hood is soooo itchy right now, wth?? Any one else ever have that?
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