Al (alisongrain) wrote in vaginapagina,

How common is it for stress to delay ovulation/a period?...

Are there things that can delay a period besides stress and pregnancy?

My periods are generally irregular so its always hard for me to know exactly when my periods are coming. My period is 1-2 weeks late now. My last period was sometime around September 22nd-29th, so I didn't even have a period in the month of October. Over the month of October I had 4 different sexual partners, but I always used condoms. I'm not on any form of birth control. There was never any penetration without a condom. Is it possible a condom broke and I was not aware of it? I figure it'd be pretty obvious if a condom broke, but maybe not?

Anyway, I know I need to take a pregnancy test, I've just been putting it off because I'm terrified. I've been under a lot of stress over the past month, so I was wondering what are the chances my period is delayed due to stress?
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