Mandy (manda_moon) wrote in vaginapagina,

STDs and a cervix

My sister is 20, and has mullerian agenesis, a condition where she was born with a vagina, but lacks a cervix and uterus.

She went to her gynecologist because she started to feel a burning sensation when she went pee. She wanted an STD test just to rule that out. Without examining her or testing her in anyway, her doctor told her that it was a yeast infection, use OTC medication, and that it is impossible for her to get any STD except herpes.

She questioned him about this, and he said all other STDs live on or in the cervix, therefore, she is completely safe from 99% of all sexually transmitted diseases. I find this completely absurd, since many can be present in the mouth or anus, depending on where the disease was introduced.

I told her to go see my doctor, who will test her, so we aren't taking his information as a concrete diagnosis. Does anybody have any additional information about STDs, and the fact that they can be transmitted without the presence of a cervix? If this were true, wouldn't all guys be exempt from catching an STD?
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