Willow-Tree-Leaf (jesteroftheater) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuva Ring Question

The Nuva Ring FAQ answers what happens if you keep your ring in for too long, but what about taking it out too soon?

Last Thursday I took my ring out to use the restroom... and forgot to put it back in, and then flew out of state for the weekend. I had only had the ring in for about 6 days.
My period started Sunday afternoon (my last period ended a week before this cycle started).

(I normally take out my ring every 3rd week on a Sunday and my period will start Wednesday evening).

Any suggestions of what I should do now? (IE: Could I put the old one back in, because it was only in for a week? Should I wait till my normal day of Sunday? Or should I do a week from when I last took it out?)

Also, I engaged in sex over the weekend without using any barrier or extra chemical protection, should I be particularly concerned over pregnancy?

Thank you :)
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