kick it lay on the floor endless make it tonight (hopelessheartz) wrote in vaginapagina,
kick it lay on the floor endless make it tonight

sex during breakthrough bleeding/period

 So I started using Loestrin 24 FE in July I'm on my fifth month now I had originally started taking it to ease the intense nausea that accompanied my regular period. The first two months I had bleeding and cramping throughout and it was pretty terrible. Third month I missed my period, hadn't had any sex so that was a non-issue. Fourth month had a normal period and I thought everything was syncing up. But this fifth month I started my period in the second week of pills. I say period because it started with painful cramps and as of now I've been bleeding for 5 days, although not heavy (my pre-pill period was 3 days of heavyness then around 2 of spotting). Another thing to mention is that I was sick and miserable the day this started and a few days prior (I had not taken any medication though). I haven't ever missed a pill completely but there have been times I was a few hours late (but not too many times) 

So I ended up having sex during this mid-cycle period. I was just wondering whether or not I've done something completely stupid and whether or not my risk of pregnancy is high at this point.

Thank you in advance
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