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♥ jεѕѕιε ּ lειgħ

Weighted Vaginal Balls!

Hello friends,

I recently bought a set of weighted vaginal balls, www.calexotics.com/p-20972-couture-collection-clipse-ii-balls.aspx these ones to be exact.

I bought them thinking that the purpose was to insert them and then actively use your kegel muscles to prevent them from being expelled throughout the day, as a type of kegel exercise. However I'm a little bit confused about this product. The balls are a decent size and although they have some weight to them, they aren't incredibly heavy or anything. At least not heavy enough for me to feel as though they are making a descent down my vaginal canal as time passes. When I insert them, they stay inside me very snugly and I never feel them trying to escape, even when I go to the bathroom. Therefore I feel as though they are really serving me no purpose in terms of muscular exercise. I have been told that I have a rather "tight" vaginal canal by several partners (I don't really like the use of the words tight/loose, I understand that this is due to muscular relaxation/contraction and not "stretching" of actual tissue, it's just what people have told me) so I feel like maybe these might work for others more than they work for me. Does anyone have any experience with weighted balls like this? I am wondering if maybe the design of this particular brand is no good, or if I am missing the point, or if I should be looking for heavier ones.

Any insight or experiences would be greatly appreciated...

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