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Nuva Ring side effect to skin on neck?/Recommendation of a pill substitute

Hello all! This post is about my short experience with Nuva ring and a possible side effect...also about a recommendation for a birth control pill to try instead. Thanks in advance!

Hello all! So...I'm new to the world of hormonal birth control. I tried the generic ocella last April and had horrible symptoms.. Well, I just started Nuva Ring a week ago (Sunday the 24th I believe). Well...I've definitely had some nervousness, but nothing close to the nausea and breast pain ocella had given me. About an hour or two after I inserted the ring, my neck began feeling weird and my lymph nodes bothered me some. (Read: I just got over a 3 month battle with mononucleosis and while my lymph nodes are down they're still swollen a little). So I dismissed it... well I have two little areas that are a bit splotchy (for lack of a better word) on both sides of my neck right now (they feel annoying too). Is this something I should be worried about?? It's hard to see in the pictures I just took but here they are:

Like I's not the easiest to see, but I think you can tell the slight discoloration. I do wear perfume and spray it there daily (have been wearing the same perfume for 5 or so years). So it's confusing.... I don't have a GYN appointment till November 15th. Is this side effect something to worry about?

Also...nuva ring hasn't been a favorite of mine (holy itchy vagina even when taking my probiotic, plus I don't know how well I like how it fits for me) and I think I might like to switch to a pill when I go to the gyn (she'll write a new script). Any suggestions for a low dose hormone pill? Maybe similar to nuva's levels? I don't have crazy side effects (just the weird neck thing and some nervousness).

THANKS!! :-)


If my cut didn't work I'll try to fix it!!
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