allons_y42 (allons_y42) wrote in vaginapagina,

Psoriasis on mons pubis :(

Hi VP,
I had a pelvic exam this morning and received some distressing news:  I have psoriasis on my mons pubis.  I went into the appointment hoping for the diagnosis of a yeast infection, because i've been itchy and smell slightly different, but got this instead.  This is really upsetting for me because I already have (treated) psoriasis in other locations (small patches on my scalp, face, and fingers) that wax and wane depending on my stress level and how much I've been using the creams.  So it's not terribly suprising but I find myself really upset about this.

I'm 25, overweight, and a virgin.  Basically I have enough issues with my body without adding this to the mix, you know?  My family members who have psoriasis have had it their whole lives, so I'm really worried about being stuck with it there forever.  It also doesn't help that I'm sleep-deprived and stressed out enough about school, work and applying to grad school already.  I pretty much had a panic attack in the exam room and cried the whole way home.  I'm hoping I can pull it together to get on with my day-- I just want to go to bed and mope at this point!

Has anyone experienced this before?  Any advice or encouragement is GREATLY appreciated.

P.S. The dermatologist was able to stop by for a minute to prescribe me another ointment and I have a follow-up appointment scheduled in 2 weeks.
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