cheniqua_17 (cheniqua_17) wrote in vaginapagina,

so I felt my boobies and....

 good evening (morning?) superstars!

this is a breast-health related question and not a vag one but I'm hoping it's ok still.  

History: I was put on Yaz at the age of 17 for acne/birthcontrol (my mom wanted me on it because I would be in college the following year anyways) and after a few months developed a cyst in my left breast.  My doctor confirmed it was a cyst and explained to me what they will normally feel like because a few months later I found another one.  I put up with the cysts for a few years because I liked how yaz worked for my periods.  This past summer I changed to nuvaring because I finally got sick of sore boobs and realized that the Yaz was probably behind my cystic breasts to begin with.  

Recently: I was doing a BSE (encouraged by my doctor just because I have a tendency to have cystic/dense tissue in my breasts) and most of the cysts in my breasts have gone down (no longer feel large/sore).  I found a new lump and this one doesn't feel like a cyst.  It is much more solid and seems to be attached/fixed to my ribs.  Exactly how worried should I be? I don't want to use Dr. Google and I'm going to call for an appointment with my gyno tomorrow but wouldn't mind some reassurance until then.  

Also: i'm 19, got my first period when I was 10<which i know is a risk of breast cancer, but no family history of it.  
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