whitney (underwear) wrote in vaginapagina,

Switching from the Nuva Ring to Loestrin 24fe

I am switching back to a pill after having terrible side effects with the Nuva Ring (loss of libido, depression, increased anxiety, constant fatigue). I have never been on Loestrin 24fe but am hoping for the best! :)

My question is: Since I am switching directly from one type of HBC to another, will I have continuous protection against pregnancy or should I use a backup method during my first cycle on Loestrin?

I'm a little unclear because the doctor at the health clinic said I'd be protected, but the pharmacist at the pharmacy told me to use a backup method for the first month while my body adjusts. I read through the information on the Loestrin website and also the packet that came with my pills but I didn't find anything regarding this.

Thanks! :)
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