acs80 (acs80) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovulation pain DURING sex?


I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday or the day before (I had the usual side pain/crampiness and the timing's right according to my normal cycle length, too). So tonight I was having sex with my boyfriend and noticed that I had a strange pinching sensation near my right ovary: not pain, but just pinching is the best way I can explain it, on the same side that I had the mittelschmerz/ovulation pain yesterday. I've never experienced anything like this before, so I'm wondering if this is related to ovulating yesterday? My boyfriend and I are monogamous and so I have no reason to expect a STD or anything. I have a Paragard IUD, but I checked the strings and it seems to be in place.

I have a feeling this is probably normal, but I just wanted to check and see if anyone had felt something like this before?

Thank you!
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