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Delayed ovulation? Or, my hormones seem to hate me this month!

My body is definitely misbehaving this month. I've been nauseous on and off (partly due to mucus drainage, but sometimes nauseous without any obvious trigger). I thought I ovulated earlier this week, on or about day 14-15, as usual, but experienced less discharge than usual. Then, after a few days, I started having normal amounts of ovulation discharge (days 17 and 18) and a pinching pain in the region of my left ovary (some months I have pain around ovulation, some months I don't). A few times, this pinching pain became sharp for a few seconds at a time.

I haven't had sex since my last period (which started 19 days ago now) but took a test mid last week anyway, because I'd been feeling so weird. Tested negative.

Does it sound like my body ovulated twice (or released two eggs a few days apart), or does it sound like my body tried and failed to ovulate on time, and then succeeded in ovulating a few days behind schedule? What's going on? I should expect my period 2-3 days late if it looks like I ovulated 2-3 days late, right?

I've just been feeling like my hormones are out of whack. I feel somewhat safe now that it's not pregnancy, so less concerned, but that's still a nagging possibility in my addled mind ;-) If I had a period right on schedule, haven't had sex since, had ovulation-like discharge around ovulation time (at the time and a few days later), I should be able to trust the negative pregnancy test, right?
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