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Anonymous Post - Questions about Masturbation

Hello, fellow VPers! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thank you in advance for your awesome, helpful comments. :)

For the VP Team

P.S. For more info on anonymous posts, see this link.

I'm eighteen years old, a bit of a late bloomer - didn't get my first period until fourteen, didn't get horny until sixteen, and only recently got a hold of my first vibe (a bullet) and probably won't be able to get a hold of a new, better one for some time. (Don't have ID, not walking into a shop, can't order 'cause my parents'd ask - typical stuff. I smuggled my first one inside only for it to break, got it sent back with the help of a friend, second one is also broken in that it doesn't switch modes or turn off - but hey, it turns on, and that's all I'm asking for!) I got it 'cause I can't feel ANYTHING if I use my fingers no matter how much I try.

I have a few TMI questions:

- The first time I used it it was easy to get off. The second time I noticed one side of my clit didn't react as well as the other - which was really sensitive. But what do you know, that sensitive side stopped being sensitive next time, so I used the side closest to me, which was sensitive... and stopped being sensitive after that round. Ditto the opposite side. Last time I had real trouble feeling anything but a mild pleasurable sensation for fifteen minutes until I found the last sensitive spot right at the base. Which pretty much guarantees I won't feel anything next time. Shit. I've heard of women needing stronger vibes occasionally because the vibrations numb the area a bit or something, but is it supposed to happen *so fast*? (I got my vibe a week ago today.) Will the sensitivity come back if I stop for a while, and if so, how long? If not, WTF do I do? D: Any techniques with a bullet anyone recommends?

- I've heard masturbation can help sleep and makes you feel pretty damned relax after orgasm, except I've never felt that. Mildly I might have the shakes a bit, but I don't feel any more relaxed. It's just, "Welp, I guess that's over." Is that normal? Will it get better? (The first few times my orgasms were a bit disappointing then got better, so I'm hoping this is the same?)

- Is wiping a vibe off in tissues sufficient or should I stick it under the tap to wash it? Are wet wipes OK?

- In the past, to semi-masturbate (I never got off from it) I used to just lay there and fantasize. Once in a blue moon I'd get close to orgasm but never actually did. Touching myself, no matter how aroused, still didn't do anything even with the fantasizing. But it felt intense - it felt way better to using the vibe and yet, very *different*. It felt like a different kind of arousal, where using the vibe or physical masturbation is mildly pleasant and this is way better. I find it difficult to use the vibe and fantasize at the same time (next time, if I get the sensitivity thing sorted out, I'm going to try fantasizing and *then* using the vibe). This isn't so much a question as much as a bit of a "WTF?" and hoping people have anything to say about it.

Thank you, so much, for your time. :)
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