godsinstrument (godsinstrument) wrote in vaginapagina,

Strange smelly discharge

 Alright, so I'm not sure what's going on.  I have, for the past, maybe 2 weeks (?) had a LOT of vaginal discharge.  It's sort of yellowish in colour, and when it first started it didn't, now it smells really funky.  My first thought was that maybe it was a YI, but I've had that before, and this is nothing like it.  It doesn't itch, or hurt, or anything.  It hasn't affected my pee, or anything like that, it just keeps coming, and it about fills my menstrual cup about 1/3 over the course of a 12 hr day.  If I didn't think it was just because I was paranoid, I'd say it sometimes almost seemed so bright that it was slightly greenish, but don't think *green*, think like, weird kind of yellow-y colour.  It's quite liquidy and cloudy too.  

I honestly have NO idea what this could be.  I haven't been sexually active for over a year, so it can't be related to that.  So yeah.

Any ideas?
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