Tabari (maenads_dance) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD for Mental Health Reasons

Several years ago I was on hormonal birth control pills plus condoms, and had no real difficulty. However, since then I have gone through major depression and have been diagnosed with Bipolar I; for obvious reasons, I don't want to go on any hormonal birth control again.

I'm 20 years old and will be returning to college soon, and would like to get a semi-permanent form of birth control before I return. I've found the new IUDs, like Mirena, really attractive. As I have very legitimate reasons for not wanting to take hormonal birth control pills/depo/etc I hope my doctor will allow me to get one, but since I'm young and nulliparous, I am a bit nervous.

If I can't get an IUD, what kind of birth control would you recommend? My mother said I should get a diaphragm, and I've heard that Nuvaring isn't bad, either (although I'm not sure if the low-level hormones would still be too much for my body).
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