Tongue tied and twisted, an earthbound misfit, I. (ninabrujaha) wrote in vaginapagina,
Tongue tied and twisted, an earthbound misfit, I.

Irritated cervix

I've found that my cervix is a lot more sensitive lately. As in, when I sit down to poop I can feel some strain around my cervical area as well, and sometimes it just feels irritated for no reason.
It definitely feels irritated during my period when I put in my menstrual cup, on heavy days, but right now I'm ovulating.
I'm not on any birth control, and I'm almost 2 years post-partum. My cervix has definitely been more in my awareness since then, both in proximity (it's lower) and that I can feel it when it gets poked.
Is this just normal awareness/ovulation/cycle stuff? Worth seeing a doctor about?
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