Lauren (irishjewel413) wrote in vaginapagina,

Methods of Birth Control

So I made an appointment with a gynecologist to talk about methods of birth control. I'm going to inquire about the IUD and Depo shot first but still look into the pill. I was on Cryselle and it worked well aside from the weight gain. I'm looking everywhere to find info on forms of birth control that won't make you gain much weight but so far it seems all the pills make you gain weight and my sister said the Depo shot does too. I'm mostly interested in the IUD however I read that they can be up to 1000 dollars to put in! I do have insurance, however it's medicaid/horizon nj health so I don't know if it would be covered. If not, well then that's out of the question. As of now I have condoms on hand if and when sex happens, although in my last experience as most of you have read we used withdrawal and I had a panic attack for a good week or two until I got my period in which I said aloud "Yes!!" when I saw the blood lol.

Someone here mentioned they have epilepsy too and I should take that into consideration. I'm glad you mentioned it because I didn't think about the effects any new birth control could have on my seizure meds. My sister says I shouldnt think about the IUD because apparantly her friend had it and something happened and it ruptured something, and it could give you problems for trying to get pregnant in the future. I'm just really confused, all I do know is that I cannot keep having panic attacks every time my partner withdraws and he's so sure of himself and I'm a worry wort because we didn't use condoms.

Sure we could use condoms and I'm all for that, but sometimes when you're in the moment withdrawal seems to end up being the better option then pulling out condoms, plus the annoying thing about most guys, a lot of them like to say "Well I hate condoms so lets do it this way". I don't agree with that, better to be safe than sorry. So that's why I'm taking the initiave to get on the pill or some other form of reliable birth control so these panic attacks won't happen again if we do use the pull out method or he accidentally ejaculates in me. I'm just not relishing the weight gain :o(
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