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Weird yest infection - I hope -

First, let me say that my vag and vulva have always played extremely nicely.  I can do pretty much anything to my special places and I RARELY have any issues.  Wash between my inner labia with soap - no problem.  Antibiotics of doom - no problem.  Rough sex with any kind of lube imaginable - no problem.  But today my vag is really really unhappy.  Until this year I'd had maybe one or two mild yeast infections in my 26 years of living.  This year I got several mostly mild ones which were quickly cured by an overnight regimen of the store brand cream suppositories. 

Lately it's been different though.  I feel like my vag has mutated on me.  The creature from the pink lagoon as it were.

I got a really terrible case of strep and was put on Amoxicillian about 12 days ago.  Finished up my last dose on Sunday and was feeling 100% better after the first 2 days of the pills anyway.  Ate a lot of yogurt in this time mainly b/c it was the only thing I could take the horse pills with while my throat was not happy and then later just as a really precautionary measure as I'm normally not susceptible to lady problems with antibiotics.  On top of that I've been working a ton between a full time job and a month and half of working after work on some theatre shows.  So pretty much around the clock working, poor sleeping and eating habits.  Last Saturday I hooked up with my ex and we had sex...um, a lot.  The first time it was uncomfortable and I thought I tore a bit at the anterior of my vagina due to not having sex for a while (it happened frequently when we were together in our favorite position and has never been a problem, just some mild discomfort) and it generally felt pretty raw which a chalked up to being really really dehydrated and exhausted that night.  By the third time though it seriously hurt which I still chalked up to being raw and a little torn.  But sure enough by Monday night I was feeling yeasty.  I figured I'd give it a day to see if my body would clear itself as it sometimes does.  Tuesday (yesterday) though I could tell it was a rager but I worked 16 hours and my car was on the fritz so I didn't get any medicine until late that night.  Took some of the one-time fungal cream that night (ooooh, how it itched!) which in the past has meant I wake up feeling A-OK if very goopy the very next day.  This time however I woke up this morning and my inner lips and clitoral hood were swollen at least 150% their normal size.  To the point where it hurt to sit down all today.  I feel a good deal better tonight and the swelling has gone down about halfway but it's still not back to normal and I'm still feeling a bit itchy and raw.  As someone who has been blessed with a very easy going vag this is very unusual for me.  Anyone know or can confirm anecdotally if this is 'normal' or not?  Anyone else ever experienced puffy labia with a yeast infection?  How long does it normally take for your yeast infections to clear with store bought stuff?  (I know more natural paths take longer generally).  Just looking for some insight and to know when or if I should see a doctor.  Thanks, amazing VPers!
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