betterbebalboa (betterbebalboa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Please help me help my friend.

Edited and cut for possible triggers.

Hi vagpag. A close friend of mine just told me she was raped at gunpoint recently. I don't want to give identifying details, but the incident was violent and seemed deeply traumatic, even though she's holding together as best as anyone could. I don't know if it's because I was also raped about 5 months ago, but her story just made me fall apart crying.

She's seeing a counselor, but this person isn't working for her. Can anyone recommend a good psychologist or psychiatrist, especially one trained in sexual assault matters and women's health? She's in New Orleans, near the French Quarter. Cheap or free would be better, but if you know someone really great, money isn't the biggest issue. Group therapy is also an option.

Also, she's filed a police report, but the detective simply told her that the case is at a standstill, even though she knows the rapist's full name and her neighbor was able to discover that he's probably in [a certain other city] now. Is there anything she can do to force an investigation?

Thank you so much. I am so devastated that this happened to someone I love, and I really appreciate your help.
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