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Nausea and diminished signs of ovulation.

I've had nausea some months (but not others) around the time I ovulate AND I've been fighting off a cold and have frequent drainage running down the back of my throat into my stomach, which also (big surprise) makes me nauseous.

But I'm a little worried because though I should be experiencing abundant clear/ropey discharge right now, there's just much LESS of it than usual. It's still there. Still clear. Still ropey. But there's markedly less discharge. Is this something suspicious? If I have the right kind of discharge at the right time of the month but less of it, am I still ovulating or is my body trying to tell me something else?

I guess I just want to set my (hopefully completely irrational) pregnancy fears aside.

I haven't had sex (or genital-genital contact) since my last period. My last period was on time and while it was lighter than some of my periods, it was heavy enough and long enough that I don't doubt it was a true period. Some months, my periods are just a little lighter and less painful and some months they're extremely crippling and heavy. This was lighter but still substantial. I had cramps, just not disabling ones. I don't want to be tricked by decidual bleeding, though. If it was right on time and I bled a fair amount every day for just over four days and had cramps, that sounds like a period, doesn't it?

It's just the nausea (which is mostly explainable by the drainage) and the fainter-than-usual signs of ovulation that have me worried.

I could go buy a pregnancy test, but I hope it's just abundantly obvious to everyone else that it's not necessary... :-(

I know the sure way to know whether ovulation is occurring is to track waking body temperature, but I haven't been doing that, so any readings I take now wouldn't mean a thing. :-(
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